Status Screens
7.4. Scheduled Action Status Screens
As shown in Figure 7.5, this screen lists parameters for the Scheduled
Action feature, which allows the VIP to perform an action (such as a
page, or SNMP Trap) according to a user-defined schedule. There are two
separate Action Schedules. Section 14 describes the procedure for defining
these schedules. This screen includes the following:
Schedule: The currently defined action schedule. The scheduled
action time is listed next to the day. Days that are not included are
listed as "OFF".
Exclusions: Specific dates (such as holidays) when the schedule will
be automatically disabled.
Action Parameters: Describes the action performed according to this
Action: The scheduled action; None, Callout, Alphanumeric Page,
Numeric Page, SNMP Trap, Output Contact, Console action or
Email/Text Message.
Phone Number: Number dialed for a scheduled callout or page.
Pager ID Numbers: The ID numbers that are used for a scheduled
alphanumeric page.
SNMP Manager: The SNMP Manager(s) that will receive SNMP
Traps generated by this schedule.
PollCat NetLink-VIP Version 1.06 11/08/2005 Tue 11:34 1% Full
Scheduled Action: Off Action: None
Sunday: Off Phone #: (undefined)
Monday: Off (Cont.):
Tuesday: Off Pager ID 1: (undefined)
Wednesday: Off Pager ID 2: (undefined)
Thursday: Off Pager ID 3: (undefined)
Friday: Off SNMP Mgmt: Manager #1
Saturday: Off Output Contacts
1/2/3/4: -/-/-/-
EXCLUSION (MM/DD) Message: (undefined)
--/-- --/-- --/-- --/-- (Cont.):
--/-- --/-- --/-- --/-- (Cont.):
--/-- --/-- --/-- --/-- Auto Execute: Off
--/-- --/-- --/-- --/-- Execute Cmds: (undefined)
--/-- --/-- --/-- --/-- (Cont.):
Email To: Email #1
Press <Enter> to return to menu ...
Figure 7.5: Scheduled Action Status Screen (Schedule 1 Shown)
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