7. Status Screens
The VIP includes a series of Status Screens that list the current state of all
program features and options.
During normal operation, these screens are used to check memory
conditions, review alarm status, and display the standing of the VIP options
and parameters. The Status Screens are also helpful during Setup and
conīŦguration; allowing the user to determine if parameters need to be
This section summarizes the VIP's various Status Screens, and explains
individual items in each screen. To access the Status Screens, go to the
Main Menu, type 1 and press [Enter]. The VIP will display the screen
shown in Figure 7.1 below.
1. Buffer Status 21. PBX Port A
2. File List 22. PBX Port B
3. System Status 23. AUX Port
4. Scheduled Action 1 24. Console Port
5. Scheduled Action 2 25. Modem Port
6. Dialback Security 26. Network Port
7. Data Filters & Alarms 27. Network Status
8. Alarm Condition 28. PBX IP Port
11. PBX Inactivity Alarm 1 31. Alarm Filter 1 Clue Status (PBX-A)
12. PBX Inactivity Alarm 2 32. Alarm Filter 2 Clue Status (PBX-A)
13. 80% Full Alarm 33. Alarm Filter 1 Clue Status (PBX-B)
14. Input Contact Alarm 34. Alarm Filter 2 Clue Status (PBX-B)
15. Reason For Action 35. Alarm Filter 1 Clue Status (AUX)
36. Alarm Filter 2 Clue Status (AUX)
37. Alarm Filter 1 Clue Status (PBX IP)
38. Alarm Filter 2 Clue Status (PBX IP)
Enter selection,
Press <ESC> to return to previous menu ...
Figure 7.1: Status Display Menu
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