Confi guration The Ping Function
The VIP’s Network Port Configuration Menu includes a Ping function,
which can be used to determine if a given piece of remote network
hardware is online and able to communicate with the VIP.
The Ping Configuration Menu (Figure 5.12) offers the following options:
1. IP Address: The IP Address for the device that you wish to ping.
(Default = undefined.)
2. Send Pkts: The number of ping packets that will be sent.
(Default = 4.)
3. Con. Lost Pkts: The number of consecutive lost packets.
(Default = 4.)
4. Response Delay: (Default = 1 second.)
5. Packet Delay: (Default = 1 second.)
6. Packet Size: (Default = 32.)
11. Start Ping: Starts the ping session based on the currently defined
12. Stop Ping Session: Stops the current Ping Session.
13. Last Ping Stat: Displays the statistics/results for the most recent ping
1. IP Address: (undefined)
2. Send Pkts: 4
3. Con. Lost Pkts: 4
4. Response Delay: 1 Sec
5. Pkt Delay: 1 Sec
6. Pkt Size: 32
11. Start Ping
12. Stop Ping Sess
13. Last Ping Stat
Enter selection,
Press <ESC> to return to previous menu ...
Figure 5.12: The Ping Configuration Menu
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