Confi guration The Email & Text Messaging Parameters Menu
When an alarm or scheduled event occurs, the VIP can notify you via pager,
callout, SNMP Trap, Console Port Action, Email or Text Message.
Configuring the Email option consists of two steps: Selecting Email
Parameters (communication parameters and email addresses) and then
enabling the Email option for the desired alarm filters and scheduled events.
The procedure for defining email and text message parameters is discussed
below, and the procedure for enabling email and text messaging for specific
alarms and scheduled events is discussed in Sections 13 and 14.
To access the email configuration menu from the Network Port Parameters
menu, type 9 and press [Enter]. The "Send Email" parameters menu
(Figure 5.11) can be used to define the following parameters.
SMTP Server Parameters
1. IP Address: The IP Address for your SMTP Email Server.
(Default = undefined.)
2. Port Number: The TCP Port number that is used when sending email
or text messages. The port number can be any valid port, from 1 to
65535, but cannot be a Telnet port, FTP port, HTTP port, or the PBX-
IP Port. (Default = 25.)
3. User Name: The username that is normally entered when logging on
to your SMTP Server. (Default = undefined.)
4. Password: The password that is normally entered when logging on to
your SMTP Server. (Default = undefined.)
1. IP Address: (undefined) 21. From Name: (undefined)
2. Port Number: 25 22. From Address: (undefined)
3. User Name: (undefined) (Cont.):
(Cont.): (Cont.):
(Cont.): 23. To Name #1: (undefined)
4. Password: (undefined) 24. To Address #1: (undefined)
5. Auth Type: LOGIN (Cont.):
25. To Name #2: (undefined)
26. To Address #2: (undefined)
MISCELLANEOUS 27. Priority: Normal
11. Send Test Email 28. Subject: (undefined)
12. Stop Email Sess (Cont.):
13. Last Email Stat (Cont.):
Enter selection,
Press <ESC> to return to previous menu ...
Figure 5.11: The Send Email Configuration Menu
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