Confi guration
8. Send MSS: Sets the Maximum Segment Size for TCP/IP packets sent
by the VIP. (Default = 1460.)
9. Send Email: This item is used to define parameters that are employed
when the VIP automatically generates an email or text message in
order to notify the operator that an alarm has been detected. Note that
these same parameters are also used when the "Scheduled Actions"
feature is configured to send email or text messages. Email parameters
are described further in Section
10. Ping: This feature can be used to determine if a given piece of remote
network hardware is online and is able to communicate with the VIP
unit. For more information, please refer to Section
General Parameters:
11. Command Echo: Enables / Disables the command echo for this
port. During set-up, it may be helpful to enable Command Echo. This
allows keystrokes sent to the VIP to be displayed on your monitor.
(Default = On.)
12. Response Type: Determines how this port will react when command
mode is activated. If "Display Menu" is selected, the VIP will
immediately display the Main Menu when command mode is
activated. If "Inhibit Menu" is selected, the VIP will not display the
Main Menu until [Enter] is pressed. (Default = Inhibit Menu.)
13. "Sure" Prompt: When irreversible commands (such as "Erase Data")
are invoked, this port can display the "Sure" prompt to allow one last
chance to verify that the command should be executed.
(Default = On.)
14. Command Timeout: Sets the Timeout value. If no additional
command activity is detected at this port during the defined timeout
period, this port will exit command mode and disconnect.
(Default =15 minutes.)
15. Audit Trail: Enables or Disables the Audit Trail function. When
enabled, the VIP will log command activity at this port. To review the
command activity log, please refer to Section 17.1.7. (Default = Off.)
Action Parameters:
16. Action Delay: When multiple alarm actions are directed to this
port, the action delay determines how much time will elapse between
actions. This makes it easier to connect to the port, by providing a
window when the port is not busy sending out actions. (Zero to 9999
Seconds; Default = 10 Seconds.)
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