Confi guration
23. Hold End Data: At the end of each data release session, the VIP will
send the "End Data" message before returning to command mode.
When this option is enabled, this port will wait for Command ^B02
before sending the End Data message. (Default = On.)
24. Line Number Tag: Inserts a Line Number at the beginning of each
record or block released by this port. These Line Numbers are not
stored in internal memory, but are added when data is released.
(Default = Off.)
25. Send Compressed: When this feature is enabled, data will be released
from this port in space compressed format. (Default = Off.)
26. Auto Delete: When enabled, data will be automatically deleted from
the VIP's memory at the end of each successful read. If the read is
interrupted, data will not be deleted. (Default = Off.)
Note: Before enabling the Auto Delete function, please refer to the
cautions listed in Section 16.6.
Output Parameters (Binary Block Mode Only):
27. Transmit Attempts: (Binary Mode Only) Determines how many
times this port will attempt to resend a block when there is a
transmission problem, or the connection is lost. (Zero to 99 attempts;
Default = 3.)
28. Transmit Delay: (Binary Mode Only) Determines how long this
port will wait between transmit attempts. Note that if this value is
set to Zero, binary data will be sent in a continuous block, without
acknowledgment. (Zero to 99 seconds; Default = 5 Seconds.)
29. DLE Stuffing: (Binary Mode Only) Allows literal characters to be
inserted into binary data released by this port. (Default = Off.)
Callout Parameters:
31. Dial Attempts: The number of times the modem will redial the
Callout Number when there is no answer, or the carrier is not received.
(Zero to 99 attempts; Default = 3.)
32. Sequence Attempts: The number of times the modem will restart the
callout routine if the defined number of dial attempts is performed and
there is no answer, or the carrier is not received. (Zero to 99 attempts;
Default = 3.)
33. Sequence Delay: The amount of time between sequence attempts.
(Zero to 999 minutes; Default = 10 Minutes.)
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