Confi guration
12. Response Type: Determines how the port will react when command
mode is activated. If "Display Menu" is selected, the VIP will
immediately display the Main Menu when command mode is
activated. If "Inhibit Menu" is selected, the VIP will not display the
Main Menu until [Enter] is pressed. (Default = Inhibit Menu.)
13. "Sure" Prompt: When irreversible commands (such as "Erase Data")
are invoked at this port, the VIP can display the "Sure" prompt to
allow one last chance to verify that the command should be executed.
(Default = On.)
14. Command Timeout: Sets the Timeout value for this port. When the
VIP detects no command activity at this port for the specified timeout
period, the port will exit command mode and disconnect.
(Default =15 minutes.)
15. Audit Trail: Enables or Disables the Audit Trail function. When
enabled, the VIP will log command activity at this port. To review the
command activity log, please refer to Section 17.1.7. (Default = Off.)
Action Parameters:
16. Action Delay: When multiple alarm actions are directed to this
port, the action delay determines how much time will elapse between
actions. The Action Delay makes it easier to connect to the port, by
providing a window when the port is not busy sending out actions.
(Zero to 9999 Seconds; Default = 10 Seconds.)
Output Parameters:
21. Output Mode: Selects the data output format for this port; ASCII
Record, Binary Block, Xmodem, or ZModem.
(Default = ASCII Record.)
Note: When using ZModem Output Mode, please refer to the
cautions listed in Section 16.7.
22. Data on ^B01: If enabled, the VIP will immediately begin sending
data when the data release command is invoked (Menu or ^B01). If
disabled, the VIP will send the "READY" message, then wait for
Command ^B02 before releasing data. (Default = On.)
23. Hold End Data: At the end of each data release session, the VIP will
send the "End Data" message before returning to command mode.
When this option is enabled, this port will wait for Command ^B02
before sending the End Data message. (Default = On.)
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