PollCat NetLink-VIP & PollCat NLJ-VIP - User’s Guide
5.4.2. Auxiliary Port Configuration
The Auxiliary (AUX) Port can be connected to a third PBX SMDR port,
or used to pass commands to a connected device. To configure the AUX
Port, first go to the Port Selector Menu (Main Menu, item 22). Type 3 and
press [Enter]; the AUX Port Configuration menu will appear (Figure 5.6).
Note that the AUX Port is not present on NLJ-VIP units. The AUX Port
Configuration menu includes the following:
Note: NLJ-VIP units do not include an AUX Port.
Communication Settings:
1. Baud Rate: Selects the baud rate for this port; any standard rate
from 1200 bps to 115.2K bps. (Default value is selected by Set-Up
Switches 4 and 5.)
2. Bits/Parity: Selects Bits/Parity for this port; 8-None, 7-Even, 7-Odd,
or 7-None. (Default = 7-Even.)
3. Stop Bits: Selects stop bits for this port. (Default = 1.)
4. Handshake Mode: Selects the flow control mode for this port; XON/
XOFF (Software), RTS/CTS (Hardware), both, or None.
(Default = None.)
Input Parameters:
11. Time/Date Stamp: The time/date stamp can be appended to the
beginning of each record received at this port. This prompt allows the
user to disable the function, or select short format or long format. The
short format (PollCat III Compatible) lists the Month, Date, Hour and
Minute; the long format lists the Month, Date, Year, Hour, Minute, and
Second. (Default = Off.)
1. Baud Rate: 9600 11. Time/Date Stmp: Off
2. Bits/Parity: 7-Even 12. Serial No Stmp: Off
3. Stop Bits: 1 13. Strip Non-Prnt: On
4. Handshake Mode: None 14. End Character: ^J
15. Alarm Filter: Off
16. Store Alm Data: Alarm
17. Data Filter: Off
18. PBX Inact Alm: Off
19. Port Mode: Store Data
31. Lucent Switch
Enter selection,
Press <ESC> to return to previous menu ...
Figure 5.6: Auxiliary Port Configuration Menu
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