PollCat NetLink-VIP & PollCat NLJ-VIP - User’s Guide
5.4. Port Configuration
To configure PBX Port A, PBX Port B, the AUX Port, Console Port,
Modem Port or Network Port, go to the Main Menu, type 22 and press
[Enter]. The Port Selector Menu (Figure 5.3), will be displayed. To select
and configure ports, proceed as follows. Note that NLJ-VIP units do not
include PBX Port B or the AUX Port.
5.4.1. PBX Port A and PBX Port B
From the Port Selector Menu, type 1 (for PBX Port A) or 2 (for PBX
Port B) and then press [Enter]. Both configuration menus include the
following items:
Communication Settings:
1. Baud Rate: Selects the baud rate for this port. Any standard rate
from 1200 bps to 115.2K bps. (Default values are selected by Set-
Up Switches 4 and 5.)
2. Bits/Parity: Selects Bits/Parity for this port; 8-None, 7-Even, 7-Odd,
or 7-None. (Default = 7-Even.)
3. Stop Bits: Selects stop bits for this port. (Default = 1.)
4. Handshake Mode: Selects flow control for this port; XON/XOFF,
RTS/CTS, both, or None. (Default = None.)
Input Parameters:
11. Time/Date Stamp: The date stamp can be inserted at the beginning of
each record received by this port. This prompt is used to disable the
function, or select the short format or long format. The short format
(PollCat III Compatible) lists Month, Date, Hour and Minute; the long
format lists Month, Date, Year, Hour, Minute, and Second.
(Default = Off.)
12. Serial Number Stamp: Inserts a six digit number at the beginning of
records received by this port. (Default = Off).
1. PBX Port A
2. PBX Port B
3. Auxiliary Port
4. Console Port
5. Modem Port
6. Network Port
7. PBX IP Port
Enter selection,
Press <ESC> to return to previous menu ...
Figure 5.3: Port Selector Menu
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