Confi guration
5. Wrap-Around: If internal memory becomes full, the wrap-around
option allows new data to be written over older data, enabling the unit
to continually recycle its memory. While command mode is active,
new data will not overwrite older data in the current partition. Any
new data will be stored outside the top boundary. If memory is full,
no additional data will be stored while command mode is active.
(Default = On.)
Note: When Wrap-Around is enabled and memory becomes
full, there will be a noticeable delay while the unit clears old data
and writes new data to flash memory. During this period, the VIP
will delay response to additional commands until the wrap-around
process is complete. Note that newly received data will not be lost
during this delay.
6. Real-Time Clock: Sets the VIP's internal clock and calendar. Since
time dependent features (e.g. Scheduled Actions, PBX Inactivity
Alarm) rely on the internal clock, it is important that the clock and
calendar are accurately set.
5. Alarm Data Wrap-Around: This feature is identical to item 6 above,
except that the Alarm Data Wrap-Around only applies to data that
matched a user-defined Alarm Clue. For more information on Alarms
and Alarm Clues, please refer to Section 9. (Default = Off.)
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