Confi guration
5.2. Menu System Conventions
1. Access to Submenus: All menus are key activated. To access a
menu, key in the number for the desired item and press [Enter].
2. User Level / Supervisor Level Functions: Note that most
configuration menus are not available in User Mode. In order to
perform the setup procedures described in this section, the Supervisor
Mode must be active. The top of the Main Menu indicates whether
User or Supervisor Mode is currently selected.
To switch from User Mode to Supervisor Mode, select Main Menu
Item 3 "System Functions". When the System Functions menu
appears, select Item 1 "Security Level", and select Supervisor. Key in
the Supervisor password (Default = SUPER) and press [Enter].
For more information on User functions and Supervisor functions,
please refer to Appendix C.
3. Save Parameters: After the VIP has been properly configured, it
is recommended to save parameters to flash memory. If parameters
are not saved, the VIP will revert to the previous configuration when
power to the unit is switched off or interrupted. To save parameters,
go to the Main Menu, type 7 and press [Enter].
5.2.1. Script Access to Menu Functions
The VIP menu functions can also be accessed using scripts. This allows
you to create polling programs that select items from command menus
in order to change parameters. When writing polling software, use the
following conventions:
1. Wait for Menu: To allow the polling program to determine when
a menu has been completely sent, search for the character(s) at the
end of the menu. For most menus, the last three characters will be an
ellipsis (three periods).
2. Selecting Menu Items: Specify the desired menu item by number,
followed by a carriage return.
3. Moving Up One Level: To exit from a menu and return to the
previous menu, send an Escape character.
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