PollCat NetLink-VIP & PollCat NLJ-VIP - User’s Guide
1. Local Access: To communicate via the Console Port, start your
communications program (e.g. ProComm™).
a) If Set-Up Switch 7 is UP (enable Console Port Password), the
system will send the "PollCat-NetLink" (Password) Prompt.
b) Key in the password (case-sensitive), press [Enter]. The Default
Supervisor Password is SUPER.
2. Access Via Modem: Start your communications program (e.g.,
ProComm) and dial the VIP.
a) The unit will send the "PollCat-NetLink" (Password) prompt after
the carrier is detected.
b) Key in the password (case-sensitive), press [Enter]. The Default
Supervisor Password is SUPER.
3. Access via Network: During initial configuration, the VIP cannot be
accessed via Network, because parameters such as the IP address and
gateway mask have not been defined yet. After network parameters
have been defined (see Section 5.4.5), a Telnet session can be
established using the following format:
telnet ipaddress port [Enter]
ipaddress The VIP's IP Address
port (Optional) The desired Port Number. If omitted,
telnet will connect to port #23 by default;
Command Echo will be set according to the VIP's
current configuration, and $FF Stuffing will be
enabled. Options:
2001 Behaves same as port #23.
3001 Preconfigured with Echo enabled, and
$FF Stuffing Off.
The VIP will allow 3 attempts to enter a valid password. If
a valid password is not entered in 3 attempts, the VIP will
If an invalid password is entered, the VIP will respond with the
ERROR message.
After a brief pause, the VIP Main Menu will appear as shown in Figure 5.1.
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