Cmd. Description / Options
^B96 Define AUX Port Communication Parameters
[,baud] Baud Rate: Can be any standard rate from 300 bps to 115.2 Kbps.
If an asterisk is entered, the port will be set at the default rate
specified by Setup Switches 4 and 5.
[,parity] Parity Bits: Offers the Following Options:
,N No Parity
,O Odd Parity
,E Even Parity
[,data] Data Bits: Offers the Following Options:
,7 Seven Data Bits
,8 Eight Data Bits
[,stop] Stop Bits: Offers the Following Options:
,1 1 Stop Bit
,2 2 Stop Bits
^B97 Define/Display Network Parameters
^B97 Display Network Parameters
^B97,1,IPADDR Define IP Address; Where IPADDR is the desired
IP Address
^B97,1,[Space] Clear IP Address
^B97,2,SUBNET Define Subnet Mask Address; Where SUBNET is the
desired Subnet Mask Address
^B97,2,[Space] Clear Subnet Mask Address
^B97,3,GATE Define Gateway Address; Where GATE is the desired
Gateway Address
^B97,3,[Space] Clear Gateway Address
^B97,4,SNMP1 Define SNMP Manager #1; Where SNMP1 is the desired
SNMP Address
^B97,4,[Space] Clear SNMP Manager #1
^B97,5,SNMP2 Define SNMP Manager #2; Where SNPM2 is the desired
SNMP Manager
^B97,5[Space] Clear SNMP Manager #3
^B97,6,SNMPC Define SNMP Community; Where SNMPC is the desired
SNMP Community
^B97,6,[Space] Clear SNMP Community
^B98 Reset Network Port
^B98 Reset Network Port
^B98,Y Suppress "Sure" Prompt, Reset Network Port
^B99 Save Current Parameters
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