Hardware Installation
4.3. Reset to Defaults
This procedure will reset the VIP to the settings indicated by the Set-Up
switches, reset all menu selected parameters to factory defaults, and clear
When the unit is shipped from the factory, defaults are reset and the
memory is cleared. However, if the VIP has been previously installed, or
if you have changed switch settings, this procedure should be performed.
It is also recommended to reset the unit after installing additional memory
When this procedure is performed, all menu defined parameters
will be cleared. If the unit has already been configured,
parameter settings should be saved (as described in Section 15.2),
before beginning this procedure.
If the VIP unit has the base 512K memory option (no SIMMs),
all stored data will be cleared. If the unit has collected data, it is
recommended to retrieve stored data (as described in Section 16)
before beginning this procedure.
To reset defaults and clear memory, proceed as follows:
1. Press the Main Power Switch to the OFF position.
2. Press and hold the Reset Button (located on the back panel) while
pressing the Main Power Switch to the ON position. Continue to hold
the Reset Button until the front panel indicators blink twice.
3. After the indicators blink, release the Reset Button. After a brief
pause, the front panel indicators will blink three times. This indicates
that the reset procedure is complete.
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