PollCat NetLink-VIP & PollCat NLJ-VIP - User’s Guide
4.2.5. Power Up Default (Sw8)
The Power Up Default allows the user to reset communication parameters
to default settings without entering Command Mode.
Note: If you have changed Set-Up Switches 1 through 5, and you
wish to clear all menu selected parameters, Switch 8 should be set in
the UP position. This will allow default parameters selected by the
Set-Up Switches to take effect when the VIP is powered up.
When the Power Up Default is enabled, the VIP will reset the following
parameters after an interruption in power:
Input Port Communication Parameters: The Baud rate for PBX
Ports A and B, and the AUX Port are set according to the Set-Up
Switches, rather than command selected parameters. All three ports
will be set at 7 bits, even parity, one stop bit. Note that NLJ-VIP units
do not include PBX Port B or the AUX Port.
Console Port Communication Parameters: The Baud rate will be
set according to the Set-Up Switches. The Port will also be set for 8
bits, no parity, one stop bit.
Modem Port Communication Parameters: The port will be set to
57600, 8 bits, no parity, one stop bit.
Passwords: The Supervisor Password will default to "SUPER". The
User 1 Password will default to "SMDR". In the default state, the User
2 Password is not defined.
CAUTION: If Set-Up Switch 8 is UP (enable Power Up Default),
and there is a loss of power, port parameters will be set to the
default values selected by Set-Up Switches 1 - 6 rather than the
menu selected parameters.
If the Power Up Default is disabled (Sw8 = Down), when there is a power
interruption, The VIP will be configured according to the parameters
currently saved in flash memory.
Switch 8 Power Up Default
Down * Disabled (Use Saved Port Parameters)
Up Enabled (Re-Set to Switch-Selected Default Port
* = Factory Setting
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