PollCat NetLink-VIP & PollCat NLJ-VIP - User’s Guide
For example, if the variable "B" represents call duration and you wish to
check for calls lasting longer than 15 minutes, the definition would include
the phrase "B>15:00". Unfortunately, this would also count headers that
have alphabetic text in the call duration field.
If your Alarm Clues are also counting non-data, the techniques described in
the following sections can be used to obtain a more reliable count.
D.1.1.1. Limit Comparisons
When comparative operators are used, values can be defined as a range
between two numbers, rather than an open ended range. In other words,
if a "Greater Than" operator is used, it can be matched with a "Less Than"
operator in order to limit the scope of the comparison.
Example: Define a clue that counts calls placed after 5:00 pm (17:00).
Assume that the variable "A" represents the time the call was placed. The
most direct way to define match parameters is as follows:
However, when the clue is defined this way, headers and summaries with
alphabetic characters in the "A" field will also appear in the count. To
prevent the clue from counting "non-data", the "A" variable can be defined
as a range as shown below:
This definition would prevent the clue from including "non-data" records
that have alphabetic characters in the "A" field, since alphabetic characters
would have a value higher than 99:99.
D.1.1.2. Exclude Non-Data Characteristics
Another way to eliminate non-data from the count is to define the clue in
a manner that excludes the characteristics of headers and call accounting
If you examine the data generated by the PBX, there is usually a factor
which differentiates non-data from call records. In some cases, call records
will always begin with a specific character, and non-data will omit this
character. In other cases, non-data will have a specific text item in a field,
where call records will have a numerical value. Once you have determined
a factor that differentiates between non-data and call records, it is relatively
simple to define clues that exclude the non-data.
Example: Define a clue that counts calls lasting three minutes or longer.
Assume the variable "B" represents the call duration. The most direct way
to define this clue is as follows:
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