PollCat NetLink-VIP & PollCat NLJ-VIP - User’s Guide
C.3. Supervisor Mode and User Mode Functions
The table below summarizes the functions that are available in each of the
two security modes.
Menu Function
User Mode
1. Status Displays Yes Yes
2. Buffer Functions Yes User Mode allows access to all
Buffer Functions except:
8. "Release Remote Partition"
3. System Functions Yes User Mode allows access to all
System Functions except:
2. "Passthrough Mode"
3. "Monitor Mode"
6. "Download Parameters"
7. "Audit Trail Functions"
8. "Upload Firmware"
4. System Diagnostics Yes Yes
5. ^Bxx Command Help Yes Yes
6. Recall Parameters Yes No
7. Save Parameters Yes No
8. Exit Command Mode Yes Yes
21. Default Parameters Yes No
22. Port Configuration Yes No
23. System Parameters Yes No
24. Scheduled Actions Yes No
25. Alarm Configuration Yes No
26. Data Filter Configuration Yes No
27. FTP Push Configuration Yes No
28. FTP Server Configuration Yes No
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