C. Supervisor Functions and
User Functions
In order to restrict access to sensitive commands, the VIP offers two
separate operating modes; Supervisor Mode and User Mode.
Supervisor Mode allows access to all command functions, including those
used to setup and configure the VIP unit. User Mode allows limited access
to command functions; users are able to invoke commands to review status
and read data, but are not allowed to change system parameters.
C.1. Security Mode at Start Up
When the password feature is enabled, the VIP will display a prompt each
time the Command Mode is accessed. If the Supervisor level password is
entered at this prompt, the unit will start up in Supervisor Mode. If a User
level password is entered, the VIP will start up in User Mode.
The VIP provides one Supervisor password and two User passwords. The
default Supervisor Password is "SUPER". The default User 1 Password is
"SMDR", the default User 2 Password is not defined.
C.2. Dialback Security
The Dialback Security feature provides an additional level of security
for modem access to command mode functions. When this feature is
configured and enabled (Sw6 = UP), the VIP will display a password
prompt when contacted via modem. If the caller enters a valid password,
the VIP will hang up, and then dial the user-defined dialback number for the
password entered.
After contacting the dialback number, the password prompt will again be
displayed. If the Supervisor Password is entered at this point, the VIP will
start-up in Supervisor Mode; allowing access to all menu and command
functions. If a User Password is entered at the dialback prompt, the VIP
will start-up in User Mode; allowing limited access to command functions.
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