Hardware Installation
4.2.2. Default Baud Rate for PBX Port A, PBX Port B,
and AUX Port (Sw4, Sw5)
Switches Four and Five select default Baud Rates for PBX Ports A and B
and the AUX Port. The Port Configuration menus can be used to define
operating baud rates as described in Section 5.4. Note that NLJ-VIP units
do not include PBX Port B or the AUX Port.
Baud Switch 4 Switch 5
9600 * Down Down
4800 Up Down
1200 Down Up
300 Up Up
* = Factory Setting
4.2.3. Dialback Security Mode (Sw6)
This feature provides additional security for modem access to the Command
Mode. Dialback Security will prompt callers to enter a password. If a valid
password is entered, the VIP will disconnect and then call the user-defined
number for that password before allowing access to Command Mode.
Section describes the procedure for configuring Dialback Security.
Switch 6 Dialback Security Mode
Down * Dialback Security Disabled
Up Dialback Security Enabled
* = Factory Setting
4.2.4. Console Port Password (Sw7)
Switch Seven enables/disables the Console Port Password. The default
Supervisor Password is "SUPER"; the default User 1 Password is "SMDR",
the default User 2 Password is undefined. For a summary of User Mode
and Supervisor Mode functions, please refer to Appendix C.
Note: If the Console Port password is disabled, the VIP will
always start up in Supervisor Mode.
Switch 7 Console Port Password
Down * Password Not Required
Up Password Required
* = Factory Setting
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