PollCat NetLink-VIP & PollCat NLJ-VIP - User’s Guide
^B94 Enter Monitor Mode
(Supervisor Mode Only) Allows direct communication with the PBX.
In Monitor Mode, data can be received directly from the PBX in order to
check reception. Commands can also be sent directly to the PBX. To exit
Monitor Mode, type ^B30 and press [Enter].
Command Options:
^B94,A Monitor PBX Port A
^B94,B Monitor PBX Port B (not available on NLJ-VIP)
^B94,X Monitor AUX Port (not available on NLJ-VIP)
^B94,I Monitor PBX IP Port
^B94,C Monitor Console Port
^B94,M Monitor Modem Port
Corresponding Menu Function: System Functions, Item 3.
^B95 Display Program Version
Displays the version number of the VIP Firmware. Type ^B95 and press
^B96 AUX Port Communication Parameters
(Supervisor Mode Only) Defines baud rate, parity, data bits, and stop bits
for AUX Port. This command uses the following format:
^B96,baud,parity,data,stop [Enter]
baud Baud Rate: Can be any standard rate from 300 bps to
115.2 Kbps. Note that it is only necessary to enter the first
two characters of the baud rate. If an asterisk is entered in
this field, the port will be set to the default rate specified
by Set-Up switches 4 and 5.
parity Parity Bits: Can be None (n), Odd (o), or Even (e)
data Data Bits: Can be 7 or 8
stop Stop Bits: Can be 1 or 2
Note: NLJ-VIP units do not include the AUX port, and therefore,
this command will not function on NLJ-VIP units.
Corresponding Menu Function: AUX Port Configuration Menu.
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