Command Reference Guide
^B86 Reset Alarm Clue Counters
Resets counters for specified Alarm Clue to zero. To clear an alarm
condition, please use Command ^B84.
Command Options:
^B86,"clue" Reset Counter for clue only.
^B86,*,A1 Reset All Counters for Alarm Filter 1.
^B86,*,A2 Reset All Counters for Alarm Filter 2.
^B86,* Reset all counters for Alarm Filters 1 and 2.
Note: If both Alarm Filters include a clue with the same name,
command ^B86 must specify the desired alarm filter.
Corresponding Menu Function: System Functions, Item 5
^B89 Test Alpha Pager
To test an alphanumeric pager, type ^B89,1 [Enter], and then exit
command mode. After approximately two minutes, the pager should
receive the "Pager Test" message. In order for this command to function,
the Pager Phone Number and Pager ID Number must first be defined via the
Pager Test Submenu.
Corresponding Menu Function: System Diagnostics Menu, Item 3.
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