Command Reference Guide
^B75 Enable / Disable "Sure?" Prompt
(Supervisor Mode Only) When certain commands are invoked, the
"Sure?" prompt is displayed to allow the user to verify the command should
be executed. When enabled, a prompt will be displayed for ^B25 (Clear
Partition), ^B39 (Clear All Records), ^B50 (Reset Options to Defaults),
^B74 (Save / Recall Parameters), ^B76 (Release Remote Partition), and
others. Note that this command will only effect the port that invoked the
Command Options:
^B75,1 Disable "Sure?" Prompt
^B75,2 Enable "Sure?" Prompt (Default)
Corresponding Menu Function: Port Configuration Menus, Item 13.
^B76 Release Remote Partition
(Supervisor Mode Only) Releases the current memory partition for the
specified port.
Command Options:
^B76 Release Console Port Partition
^B76,c Release Console Port Partition
^B76,m Release Modem Port Partition
^B76,T1 Release Partition for Telnet Port 1
^B76,T2 Release Partition for Telnet Port 2
^B76,T3 Release Partition for Telnet Port 3
^B76,F Release FTP Server Partition
,y (Optional Argument) Suppress "Sure?" Prompt
Corresponding Menu Function: Buffer Functions Menu, Item 8.
^B77 Define Modem Initialization Message
(Supervisor Mode Only) Defines the VIP's modem initialization
command string (AT Command String). The default string is
"ATE0M0Q1&C1&D2S0=1". To redefine the initialization string, type
^B77,init [Enter], where "init" is the desired command string.
Corresponding Menu Function: Modem Port Config. Menu, Item 6.
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