PollCat NetLink-VIP & PollCat NLJ-VIP - User’s Guide
^B71 Enable/Disable DLE Stuffing Option
(Binary Block Mode Only) DLE Stuffing allows literal 8 bit characters
to be inserted into a string of binary data. After data is released, the 8 bit
characters can be retrieved and read. Note that this command will only
effect the port that invoked the command.
Command Options:
^B71,1 Disable DLE Stuffing Option (Default)
^B71,2 Enable DLE Stuffing Option
Corresponding Menu Function: Port Configuration Menus, Item 29.
^B72 Display Time, Day, Date
Displays clock and calendar settings. Type ^B72 and press [Enter].
^B73 Send Binary Information Block
Sends an information block in binary format. This block includes the Site
ID Message, current time and date, Reason for Action, Partition Record
Count, and Percent Full. Information is sent in binary block format,
regardless of the current output mode setting. Type ^B73 [Enter].
^B74 Save / Recall Parameters
(Supervisor Mode Only) Saves newly defined VIP parameters, or restores
previously defined parameters from memory. For more information, please
refer to Section 15.1.
Command Options:
^B74 Save Current Parameters to Flash Memory
^B74,1 Save Current Parameters to Flash Memory
^B74,2 Recall Parameters from Flash Memory
,y (Optional Argument) Suppress "Sure?" prompt
Corresponding Menu Function: Main Menu, Item 7.
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