PollCat NetLink-VIP & PollCat NLJ-VIP - User’s Guide
4.1.2. DC Powered Units
Attach the wires from your -48V DC power source (0.2 Amp Max.) to the
screw terminals, and then connect your ground line to the ground screw.
4.2. Set-Up Switches
The Set-Up Switches select default communication parameters and enable
options such as Dialback Security, the Console Port Password, and Power
Up Default. Note that operating parameters are selected via the port
configuration menus as described in Section 5.4.
4.2.1. Default Baud Rate for Console Port
(Sw1, Sw2, Sw3)
Set-Up Switches One, Two, and Three select the default Baud Rate for the
Console Port. After the VIP is installed, the Port Configuration menu (Main
Menu, item 22) can be used to select the operating baud rate for the
Console Port.
Baud Switch 1 Switch 2 Switch 3
9600 * Down Down Down
38.4 K Up Down Down
19.2 K Down Up Down
4800 Up Up Down
2400 Down Down Up
1200 Up Down Up
600 Down Up Up
300 Up Up Up
* = Factory Setting
Figure 4.1: DC Terminal Block Assembly
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