Command Reference Guide
^B59 Line ID Option
Inserts an eight digit Line ID number at the beginning of each record. Line
ID numbers are not stored, but are added when data is released. Each
time data is polled, the first line number will always be 00000001. This
command will only effect the port that invoked the command.
Command Options:
^B59,1 Disable Line ID Option (Default)
^B59,2 Enable Line ID Option
Corresponding Menu Function: Control Port Configuration Menus,
Item 24.
^B60 Define Console/Modem Port Bits & Parity
(Supervisor Mode Only) Selects bits and parity parameters for the Console
Port or Modem Port. Command ^B60 uses the following format:
^B60[,port][,set] [Enter]
,port Port: If this argument is omitted, ^B60 will set bits and
parity for the Console Port. Offers the following options:
,C Set Bits/Parity for Console Port
,M Set Bits/Parity for Modem Port
,set Bits/Parity Setting: Sets Bits and Parity for the selected
port. Offers the following options:
,1 7 Bits, Even Parity
,2 7 Bits, Odd Parity
,3 8 Bits, No Parity (Default)
,4 7 Bits, No Parity
Note: This command is included to maintain compatibility
with PollCat II units. If compatibility is not an issue, use the Port
Configuration Menus, or command ^B90 (Modem Port Parameters)
or ^B91 (Console Port Parameters.)
Corresponding Menu Function: Modem Port Configuration Menu,
Item 2.
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