PollCat NetLink-VIP & PollCat NLJ-VIP - User’s Guide
^B26 Display Separator Line
Creates a line of dashes that can be used to visually separate displayed
material. To send a line of dashes, type ^B26 [Enter].
^B27 Enter Test Message Mode
Tests the modem transmitter. When Command ^B27 is invoked, the unit
will send a continuous test message. To initiate the test, type ^B27 and
then press [Enter]. To terminate the test, type ^B30 [Enter].
Corresponding Menu Function: System Diagnostics, item 2.
^B28 Enter Echo Test Mode
Tests the modem receiver. When Command ^B28 is invoked, the VIP
will echo back a test character. If characters are not echoed back, this can
indicate that the modem is not receiving properly. To initiate the test, type
^B28 [Enter]. To terminate the test, type ^B30 [Enter].
^B29 Enter Pass-through Mode
(Supervisor Mode Only) Allows direct communication with a connected
device. Data can be received directly from the PBX in order to check for
correct reception. Commands can also be sent directly to the PBX. While
Pass-Through Mode is active, additional call records will not be stored. To
exit Pass-Through Mode, type ^B30 and press [Enter].
CAUTION: Do not attempt to alter PBX configuration unless
you are authorized to do so. Please refer to the PBX user's
guide for further instructions.
Command Options:
^B29,A Pass-Through to PBX Port A.
^B29,B Pass-Through to PBX Port B
(not available on NLJ-VIP).
^B29,X Pass-Through to AUX Port.
(not available on NLJ-VIP)
^B29,I Pass-Through to PBX IP Port.
^B29,C Pass-Through to Console Port.
^B29,M Pass-Through to Modem Port.
Corresponding Menu Function: System Functions, item 2.
^B30 Exit, Return to Command Mode
Exits from Data Release Mode, Send Continuous Test Message Mode, Echo
Test Mode, Pass-Through Mode, or Monitor Mode and returns to command
mode. Type ^B30 [Enter].
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