4. Hardware Installation
The hardware installation procedure includes the following steps:
1. Connect the VIP unit to an appropriate power supply
(see Section 4.1).
2. Use the Set-Up Switches to select default communication parameters
and options (see Section 4.2).
3. Reset the VIP unit and clear the flash memory (see Section 4.3).
4. Connect the data cables, network cable and telephone line
(see Section 4.4)
4.1. Connect the VIP to Power Supply
When Switch 8 is UP (enable Power Up Default) and there is a
power interruption, baud rates will return to the default values
selected by Set-Up Switches 1 through 5.
After configuring the unit with menu selected parameters, you
may wish to return Set-Up Switch 8 to the DOWN position. This
will cause the VIP to use menu selected parameters whenever the
unit is powered off and on.
CAUTION: This device should only be operated with the type of
power source indicated on the instrument nameplate. If you are
not sure of the type of power service available, please contact
your local power company.
4.1.1. AC Powered Units
Plug the power cable into the receptacle on the VIP back panel. The VIP
features a self-adjusting power supply that automatically adapts for 115 or
230 VAC. Place the AC Power Switch in the ON position to apply power,
the ON indicator will light and the RDY indicator will flash.
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