Command Reference Guide
^B07 Continuous Binary Block Read (Continued)
To exit Continuous Binary Block Read and return to Command
Mode, type ^B30 [Enter].
If both Alarm Filters include an identical clue name, the
command must specify the desired filter. For example, if Alarm
Filters 1 and 2 both include a clue named TEST, to retrieve data
from filter 1, the command line would read ^B07,A1,"TEST".
Each option is preceded by a comma, with the exception of the
Offset option (@n). This option is preceded by the "@" character.
Do not enter a comma before the @ character.
While Continuous Binary Block Read is active, the VIP will
respond to XON/XOFF flow control codes.
Square brackets are not included in the command line. They are
shown here to indicate an option.
Options can also be combined. For example, ^B07,PA,D will release all
records received via PBX Port A, that did not match an Alarm Filter.
^B08 Display Current Alarm Record
Displays the last record that triggered an alarm. Type ^B08 and
press [Enter].
^B09 Exit Command Mode (Disconnect/HangUp)
Exits from command mode, discontinues connection to the VIP, and resets
the internal modem. To exit and disconnect, type ^B09 [Enter].
Corresponding Menu Function: Main Menu, item 8.
^B11 Set Time / Date
(Supervisor Mode Only) Sets the VIP's real-time clock and calendar.
Command ^B11 uses the following format:
^B11,hh:mm,d,MM\DD\YY [Enter]
hh Is the Hour (00 to 23)
mm Is the Minute (00 to 59)
d Is the day of the week (1=Sun., 2=Mon., 3=Tue., etc.)
MM Is the Month (01 to 12)
DD Is the Date (01 to 31)
YY Is the Year (00 to 99)
Corresponding Menu Function: System Parameters, Item 6.
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