PollCat NetLink-VIP & PollCat NLJ-VIP - User’s Guide
^B07 Continuous Binary Block Read
Initiates a continuous binary block read, regardless of the output mode
setting. Blocks are sent continuously, without acknowledgment, and cannot
be retransmitted during the current read session. When transmitting via
modem, error correction must be enabled. A DOS program is available
to convert binary data to ASCII. The following settings are automatically
Output Mode: Binary Block
Line ID (Block #) Tag: Off
DLE Stuffing: On
Auto-Delete: Off
When command ^B07 is invoked, the following format is used:
,type Data Type: Offers the following options:
,D or ,STD Standard (Non-Alarm) Records.
,A or ,A1 Records for Alarm Filter 1.
,A2 Records for Alarm Filter 2 only.
,ALM Records for both Alarm Filters.
,"clue" Alarm Records for clue only. Note that
the clue name must be enclosed in quotes.
,source Source Port: Offers the following options:
,PA Records received via PBX Port A.
,PB Records received via PBX Port B.
(not available on NLJ-VIP)
,PX Records received via AUX Port.
(not available on NLJ-VIP)
,PI Records received via PBX IP Port.
@n Offset: Releases records starting with the "nth" record. For
example, if ^B01@234 is entered, the VIP will start with
the 234th record. If a negative offset value is entered,
the VIP will determine the starting point by counting
backwards from the end of the current partition.
CAUTION: Do not invoke Command ^B07 while the Auto
Delete option is enabled. If ^B07 is invoked with Auto Delete
enabled, the VIP will erase data without waiting for the polling
device to acknowledge reception.
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