Command Reference Guide
^B04 Define Site ID
(Supervisor Mode Only) Defines a Site ID Message up to 32 characters
long. Type ^B04,text and press [Enter] (where "text" is the desired Site
ID). The Site ID cannot include quotes or ASCII control characters (e.g.
STX, ETX). If the Site ID begins with an underscore character ("_"), upon
login, the message will be displayed after the command prompt. To clear
the Site ID, type ^B04,[Space] and press [Enter].
The "_" character will not appear in the displayed Site ID
If the Console Port Password is disabled (Sw7=Down), the Site
ID Message will not be displayed when the unit is contacted via
the Console Port.
^B05 Define End-of-Record Character
(Supervisor Mode Only) Redefines the End-of-Record (EOR) character
that the VIP expects to see at the end of each record (Default=^J).
Command ^B05 uses the following format:
^B05[,port][,char] [Enter]
,port Input Port: If this argument is omitted, ^B05 will define the
EOR character for PBX Port A by default. Offers the
following options:
,A PBX Port A
,B PBX Port B (not available on NLJ-VIP)
,X AUX Port (not available on NLJ-VIP)
,I PBX IP Port
,char EOR Character: If a space character is entered, the EOR
character for the target port will be cleared.
Corresponding Menu Function: Port Configuration menus (PBX Port A,
PBX Port B, AUX Port, PBX IP Port), Item 14.
^B06 Re-send Last Data
This command is used in the event of a transmission error during the
previous read. Command ^B06 will only function when ^B01,n is
invoked, or when the Record Count option (Read Session Parameters) is
used. To re-send data, type ^B06 [Enter].
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