PollCat NetLink-VIP & PollCat NLJ-VIP - User’s Guide
^B01 Data Release Mode (Continued)
If both Alarm Filters include a clue with the same name, the
command must specify the desired filter. For example, if Alarm
Filters 1 and 2 both include a clue named TEST, to retrieve data
from filter 1, the command line would read ^B01,A1,"TEST".
Each command option is preceded by a comma, with the
exception of the Offset option (@n). This option is preceded by
the "@" character. Do not enter a comma before the @ character.
When Binary Block Mode is used, commands will release blocks
instead of individual records.
Square brackets are not included in the command line. They are
shown here to indicate an option.
Options can also be combined. For example, ^B01,"clue",n will
release records for clue in groups of n records or blocks.
Corresponding Menu Function: Main Menu, Item 2.
^B02 Send Next Data
When Command ^B01,n is invoked, the VIP will release a group of "n"
records or blocks and then pause. To display the next group, type ^B02
[Enter]. Command ^B02 is only valid in Data Release Mode and cannot
be used in an Auto Execute string.
If "Data on ^B01" is disabled, a ^B02 is required in order to
release the first group of records.
If "Hold End Data" is enabled, a ^B02 is required in order to
release the End Data message.
^B03 Display Site ID
Displays the user-defined Site ID message. Type ^B03 [Enter].
Corresponding Menu Function: Status Displays, Item 3.
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