Command Reference Guide
19.3. Command Help
To display the Command Help screen shown in Figure 19.1, go to the Main
Menu, type 5 and press [Enter]. To display additional command help, go
to the Command Help screen, type A and press [Enter]. The screen shown
in Figure 19.2 will be displayed.
^B00 Set/Reset Memory Partition ^B20 Display Partition Record/Block Ct
^B01 Enter Data Read Mode ^B21 Display Remaining Space
^B02 Send Next Data ^B22 Display Capacity & PBX Baud
^B03 Display Site ID ^B24 Display DIP Switch Settings
^B04 Define Site ID Message ^B25 Erase Partition Data
^B05 Define End Character ^B26 Display “Separator” Line
^B06 Re-Send Last Data ^B27 Enter Test Message Mode
^B07 Continuous Binary Block Read ^B28 Enter Echo Test Mode
^B08 Display Current Alarm Record ^B29 Enter Passthrough Mode
^B09 Exit Cmd Mode, Disconnect ^B30 Exit, Return To Command Mode
^B11 Set Real Time Clock/Calendar ^B39 Erase All Data
^B13 Display Site ID/Alarm Messages ^B50 Default Parameters
^B16 Display System Status ^B51 Select Store Alarm Data
^B17 Display PBX Inact Parameters ^B52 Enable/Disable Hold End Data
^B18 Display Reason For Action ^B53 Enable/Disable Data Compression
^B19 Display Action Schedule ^B54 Enable/Disable Data on ^B01
^B55 Strip Non-printable Codes
A. More ^Bxx Command Help
Enter selection,
Press <ESC> to return to previous menu ...
Figure 19.1: Command Help Screen
^B56 Select Data Filters ^B76 Release Remote Partition
^B57 Enable/Disable XON/XOFF ^B77 Define Modem Init Message
^B59 Enable/Disable Line ID ^B78 Display Modem Messages
^B60 Define Console/Modem bits-parity ^B79 Define/Display Passwords
^B61 Define PBX Ports bits-parity ^B83 Display Alarm Clue Summary
^B62 Select Output Format ^B84 Clear Alarm Condition
^B64 Enable/Disable Wrap Around ^B86 Reset Alarm Clue Counters
^B65 Select Alarm Filters ^B89 Test Alpha Pager
^B66 Enable/Disable Time/Date Stamp ^B90 Define/Reset Modem Port
^B67 Enable/Disable Auto Delete ^B91 Define Console Port Comm
^B68 Enable/Disable Command Echo ^B92 Define PBX Port A Comm
^B70 Define/Enable/Disable Immediate ^B93 Define PBX Port B Comm
and 80% Callout ^B94 Enter Monitor Mode
^B71 Enable/Disable DLE Stuffing ^B95 Display Program Version
^B72 Display Time, Day, Date ^B96 Define AUX Port Comm
^B73 Send Binary Information Block ^B97 Define/Display Network Parameters
^B74 Save/Recall Parameters ^B98 Reset Network Port
^B75 Enable/Disable “SURE? (Y/N)” ^B99 Download Current Parameters
Press <Esc> for previous screen ...
Figure 19.2: More Command Help
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