PollCat NetLink-VIP & PollCat NLJ-VIP - User’s Guide
3. Access via TCP/IP Network: If network parameters for the VIP unit
have been assigned (see Section 5.4.5), establish a telnet session using
the following format:
telnet ipaddress [port] [Enter]
ipaddress The VIP's assigned IP Address.
port (Optional) The desired Port Number. If this item
is omitted, telnet will connect to port #23 by default;
Command Echo will be set according to the VIP's
current configuration, and $FF Stuffing will
be enabled. Options:
2001 Behaves the same as Port #23.
3001 Preconfigured with echo enabled and
$FF Stuffing Off.
a) If the password is enabled, the "PollCat-NetLink" (password)
prompt will appear.
b) Key in a valid password and press [Enter]. Note that the
Password feature is case-sensitive.
c) After a brief pause, the Main Menu or the "Ready" prompt will
appear. If the "Ready" prompt is displayed, press [Enter] to
display the VIP Main Menu.
d) To end a session, disconnect using your Telnet software.
19.2. Command Syntax
Most commands conform to the following conventions:
Commands normally begin with the ASCII "Control B" character
(written as ^B throughout this manual).
To temporarily suppress the Command Echo for any command, use the
^A character in place of the ^B character. For example, if Command
Echo is enabled and Command ^B03 (Send Site ID) is invoked, the
VIP will echo the command back to the polling device and send the
Site ID message. If ^A is substituted for ^B (e.g. ^A03), the Site ID
message will be sent, but the command will not be echoed back to the
polling device.
Each command is invoked by pressing the [Enter] key.
A comma (,) is used to separate a command from its options or
parameters (e.g. ^B01,10).
NLJ-VIP units do not include PBX Port B or the AUX Port.
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