TCP Port Options
18.3. Real Time Mode
The Real Time Mode allows Telnet users to receive data as soon as it is
collected from the PBX; as each data item is collected, it is sent directly to
the user via Telnet. Data can be read from PBX Port A, PBX Port B,
PBX IP Port or the AUX Port.
In the Read Time Mode, data can be sent using either Standard
Telnet Protocol, or Raw Socket Mode, depending on the port
number entered in the Telnet connect command.
If the buffer for the target port already contains data, the VIP will
first send the buffered data, and then switch to Real Time Mode
after the buffered data has been completely sent.
In Real Time Mode, all VIP menus, status screens and ^Bnn
commands are suppressed.
In Real Time Mode, the Auto Delete function is always enabled.
When a Telnet connection is established using the Real Time Mode option,
the following events will occur:
1. Upon connection, the VIP will send "POLLCAT-NETLINK" message
(and the site ID, if defined), and then wait for a password.
2. If a valid password is entered, the VIP will send the "READY"
message, and then wait for an XON from the user before beginning
data release.
3. When an XON is received, the VIP will pause for 5 seconds (to wait
for client software to be ready), then begin sending data.
4. The connection will remain open indefinitely, or until the client
disconnects using their telnet software.
5. If the telnet session is disconnected (either due to a user command or
accidentally), the VIP will store additional data in buffer memory as it
would normally.
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