PollCat NetLink-VIP & PollCat NLJ-VIP - User’s Guide
18.2. Telnet Pass-Through
The Telnet Pass-Through function allows users to communicate directly
with devices connected to PBX Port A, PBX Port B, the AUX Port, the
PBX IP Port, the Console Port, or the Modem Port. All VIP menu functions
are disabled, and the only VIP command that will be recognized is ^B30
(Exit Pass-Through and Disconnect Telnet Session). In addition, data can
be sent using either Standard Telnet Protocol or Raw Socket Mode.
When a Telnet connection is established, using the Telnet Pass-through
option, the following events will occur:
1. Upon connection, the VIP will send the "POLLCAT NETLINK"
message (and the site ID, if defined) and then wait for a password.
2. If a valid password is entered, the VIP will send the "READY"
message, and will then allow communication with the device
connected to the specified port.
Port Numbers for Telnet Pass-Through Function
This function is activated when one of the following port numbers is
included in the Telnet connect command.
Standard Telnet Protocol:
Port No.
2101 Pass-Through to PBX Port A
2102 Pass Through to PBX Port B
2103 Pass-Through to AUX Port
2104 Pass-Through to Console Port
2105 Pass-Through to Modem Port
2106 Pass-Through to PBX IP Port
Raw Socket Mode:
Port No.
3101 Pass-Through to PBX Port A, Raw Socket
3102 Pass-Through to PBX Port B, Raw Socket
3103 Pass-Through to AUX Port, Raw Socket
3104 Pass-Through to Console Port, Raw Socket
3105 Pass-Through to Modem Port, Raw Socket
3106 Pass-Through to PBX IP Port, Raw Socket
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