Other Menu Functions
7. If the upload is successful, the VIP will prompt the user to continue the
upgrade or abort.
a) Upgrade: To continue with the upgrade, type 1 and press
[Enter]. The VIP will erase the previous firmware, move new
firmware from data flash to program flash memory, calculate and
store the new checksum, and reboot. Do not attempt to reconnect
to the VIP until the RDY indicator blinks to indicate the process
is complete.
b) Abort: To abort the procedure, type 2 and press [Enter]. At this
point, stored data and parameters have already been erased; the
abort command merely tells the VIP not to install new firmware.
8. Incomplete Upload: If the upload is interrupted, times-out, or if the
file is corrupted during transfer, the VIP will display a screen which
asks for user confirmation before proceeding. To proceed, type 1 and
press [Enter], then return to Step 6 above.
9. Emergency Recovery: In the rare event that the VIP's operating
system becomes corrupted during installation, front panel indicators
will blink five times and the unit will automatically switch to
Emergency Recovery Mode. Please contact WTI Customer Service
for further instructions as described in Appendix F.
When firmware upgrades are available, WTI will provide the necessary files
via modem or mailed diskette. At that time, an updated User's Guide or
addendum will also be available.
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