PollCat NetLink-VIP & PollCat NLJ-VIP - User’s Guide
17.1.8. Upload Firmware
This function is used to upload VIP firmware updates. Updates can be
uploaded to the VIP via modem or the Console Port. To upload firmware,
proceed as follows:
1. Obtain the update file. Firmware modifications can either be mailed to
the customer, or downloaded from WTI via modem. Place the disk or
diskette in your drive and/or copy the file to your hard drive.
2. This upload procedure will erase all parameters from flash memory.
If your VIP unit has the base memory option (512K, no SIMMs), the
upload procedure will also erase all stored data. It is recommended to
retrieve stored data and download parameters before beginning
this procedure.
a) Access command mode. Poll the unit to retrieve all stored data as
described in Section 15.
b) Use the Download Parameters function (see Section 15.2) to save
all user- defined parameters.
3. Press [Esc] to return to the Main Menu. Select item 3 "System
Functions". When the System Functions menu appears, type 8 and
press [Enter] to activate the Upload Firmware function.
4. The VIP will display a screen which asks for confirmation before
continuing with the upgrade. To proceed, type 1 and press [Enter].
The VIP will clear its internal memory. While erasing data, the VIP
will require approximately 20 seconds for each SIMM installed. Do
not enter additional commands during this time.
5. After flash memory is cleared, the VIP will display a screen that reads
"Upload Program Upgrade, <ESC> to quit".
6. Use your communication program's upload function to transfer the
upgrade firmware to the VIP unit via modem or the Console Port.
Select ASCII file format, and then specify the filename and directory
location for the firmware upgrade file.
Note: The Upload function will time-out after one minute of
inactivity. If the function times out, type 1 and press [Enter] to
continue, or press [Esc] to abort.
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