17. Other Menu Functions
In addition to the configuration and polling features discussed previously,
the VIP menu system also includes functions related to system management
and diagnostics.
17.1. System Functions
The System Functions menu (Figure 17.1), is used to access features related
to general system management.
17.1.1. Security Level
This function is used to switch between User Mode and Supervisor Mode.
Access to Supervisor Mode is password protected. To change the Security
Level proceed as follows:
1. From the Main Menu, type 3 and press [Enter] to access the System
Functions Menu. When the System Functions Menu appears, type 1
and press [Enter].
2. Select the Supervisor Mode or User Mode.
a) When Supervisor Mode is selected, the VIP will prompt the
user to enter a password (Default = SUPER). Key in your valid
Supervisor password and press [Enter].
b) When User Mode is selected, the VIP will immediately switch to
User Mode. A password prompt will not be displayed.
1. Security Level
2. “Passthrough” Mode
3. “Monitor” Mode
4. Clear Alarm Condition
5. Clear Alarm Clue Counters
6. Download Parameters
7. Audit Trail Functions
8. Upload Firmware
Enter selection,
Press <ESC> to return to previous menu ...
Figure 17.1: System Functions Menu
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