Buffer Functions (Polling)
When the "By Clue" options are selected, the VIP will prompt
you to enter the clue name. If an invalid clue name is entered,
the prompt will be redisplayed.
When Data Type and Source Port are assigned, then the FTP
Push function will own this partition while the data transfer is
in progress. Other users will not be able to read data from this
partition until the FTP Push is complete and the FTP connection
is terminated. For example, if FTP Push is set to select Non-
Alarm data (Data Type) received via PBX Port B (Source Port),
then the Console Port will not be able to read Non-Alarm Data
received via PBX Port B until FTP Push is complete and the
partition is released.
c) Start Record: The starting point for data release. Note that this
value can be either positive or negative (Default = 1.)
Positive Numbers: If a positive number is entered, the unit
will count forward from the beginning of the selected group
(Source Port / Data Type.) For example, if this value is "15",
the VIP will begin with the 15th record in the group.
Negative Numbers: If a negative number is entered, the
VIP will count backwards from the end of the records in the
selected group. For example if the Start Record is set at "-3",
then the VIP will send the last three records in the selected
12. Push Action: Enables / disables the FTP Push operation. After you
have selected FTP Push parameters, make certain to set the Push
Action to On. The Push Action must be enabled in order for the FTP
Push feature to function. (Default = Off.)
Note: If the Push Action feature is "Off", the selected FTP Push
operation will not be performed.
13. Periodic Push: The amount of time that will elapse between FTP
Push operations. This allows you to schedule the FTP Push feature
to regularly transfer data to your FTP Server. For example, if the
Periodic Push is set at 30 minutes, then every 30 minutes, the VIP will
automatically transfer stored data to your FTP Server.
(1 to 9,999 Minutes, Default = 1,440 Minutes / 24 Hours.)
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