PollCat NetLink-VIP & PollCat NLJ-VIP - User’s Guide
16.4. Retrieving Data Using FTP Push
FTP Push capability allows the VIP to automatically download stored call
records via network to your FTP server. Downloads can be performed
on demand, according to a user-defined schedule, or according to a user-
specified start time.
In order to use this feature, your installation must include the following:
A network connection to the VIP unit. Note that the network must be
running TCP/IP in order for FTP Push to function.
A network connected FTP server on subnet, or the gateway address
must allow packets from the VIP to be routed to your FTP server.
To configure the FTP Push function, access the VIP command mode as
described in Section 19.1. When the Main Menu appears, type 27 and
press [Enter] to display the FTP Push Configuration menu as shown in
Figure 16.5.
The FTP Push Configuration menu is used to select parameters that will be
employed when the VIP transfers stored data to your FTP server. To define
FTP Push parameters, key in the number for the desired item, press [Enter],
then follow the instructions in the submenu that follows. The FTP Push
Configuration menu includes the following items:
FTP Server Parameters:
1. Server Address: The IP address of your FTP server (the address that
will receive the transferred files.) (Up to 15 characters,
default = undefined.)
1. Server Address: (undefined) 11. Read Session
2. UserName: (undefined) 12. Push Action: Off
3. Password: (undefined) 13. Periodic Push: 1440 Mins
4. Account: (undefined) 14. Xmit Attempts: 5
5. Directory: (undefined) 15. Xmit Delay: 5 Mins
(Cont.): 16. Auto Delete: Off
(Cont.): 17. Start Time: (undefined)
6. File Name: (undefined)
7. File Mode: Append
8. File Ext Inc: Off
21. Force FTP Push
22. Test FTP Push
23. Stop FTP Push
Enter selection,
Press <ESC> to return to previous menu ...
Figure 16.5: FTP Push Configuration Menu
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