Saving NetLink Parameters
15.3. Configuring the VIP with Saved Parameters
Once parameters have been saved to an ASCII file, the file can then be
uploaded to the VIP to reconfigure the unit without manually defining each
The ASCII file with the saved parameters can also be uploaded to other VIP
units. This allows rapid set-up when a number of units will be configured
with the same parameters.
1. Access command mode as described in Section 19.1.
a) If the password function is enabled, enter the valid Supervisor
Level password. The VIP must be operating in Supervisor Mode
in order for this procedure to function.
b) Note that this procedure can be performed from anywhere in the
VIP menu system.
2. Use your communication program's upload function to transfer the file
that contains the saved parameters to the VIP unit via modem or the
Console Port.
a) Select ASCII File Format.
b) Specify the filename and directory location for the file with the
saved parameters. Note that it is very important to enter the
correct filename and location. Sending an incorrect file to the VIP
unit will cause unpredictable results.
3. If an Error message is received at any time during the parameter
upload, repeat steps 1 and 2 above to resend the entire file.
If the file with the saved parameters is sent to the VIP via the
Computer Port (from a local PC), changes will take effect
If the parameter file is sent to the VIP via the Modem Port,
Modem Communication Parameters will not take effect until
after you exit from Command Mode. The Port Status Screen will
not show the new Modem Port parameters until you have exited
and re-entered Command Mode.
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