Saving NetLink Parameters
15.2.2. Saving Parameters to an ASCII File
(Command Driven Method)
VIP parameters can also be saved to an ASCII file using Command ^B99.
Command ^B99 performs the same task as the System Function Menu's
"Download Parameters" function.
To save parameters to an ASCII file using the Command Driven Method,
proceed as follows:
1. Set your communications program to receive an ASCII text file and
specify a file name for the saved parameters.
a) When using ProComm, press [Page Down] to activate the
"Receive Parameters" mode. Select "Raw ASCII". Type in a
filename for the saved parameters and press [Enter].
2. Access command mode as described in Section 19.1.
a) If the password function is enabled, enter the valid Supervisor
Level password. The VIP must be operating in Supervisor Mode
in order for the download command to function.
b) Note that this procedure can be performed from anywhere in the
VIP menu system.
1. Security Level
2. “Passthrough” Mode
3. “Monitor” Mode
4. Clear Alarm Condition
5. Clear Alarm Clue Counters
6. Download Parameters
7. Audit Trail Functions
8. Upload Firmware
Enter selection,
Press <ESC> to return to previous menu ...
Figure 15.1: System Functions Menu
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