PollCat NetLink-VIP & PollCat NLJ-VIP - User’s Guide
15.2. Saving and Restoring Parameters from
an ASCII File
After the VIP has been configured, parameters can be saved to an ASCII
text file using the File Mode in ProComm or another communications
program. Later, if the configuration is altered or deleted, saved parameters
can be uploaded to quickly reconfigure the unit without the need to
manually enter each parameter.
When parameters are downloaded to an ASCII File, the VIP will send the
parameters that are displayed by the status screens. The VIP offers two
different methods for saving parameters to an ASCII file; the Menu Driven
Method and the Command Driven Method.
15.2.1. Saving Parameters to an ASCII File
(Menu Driven Method)
This method uses the VIP's menu system to initiate the download.
1. Set your communications program (e.g. Tera Term, Hyperterminal,
etc.) to receive an ASCII text file and specify a file name for the saved
a) When using ProComm, press [Page Down] to activate the
"Receive Parameters" mode. Select "Raw ASCII". Type in a
filename for the saved parameters and press [Enter].
2. Access the VIP Command Mode as described in
Section 19.1.
3. Download the VIP's parameter settings to an ASCII file.
a) From the VIP Main Menu, type 3 and press [Enter], the System
Functions menu will appear as shown in Figure 15.1.
b) When the System Functions menu appears, type 6 and press
[Enter] to begin the download. The VIP will send parameters
to the polling device, where they will be saved to the ASCII
filename selected in Step 1.
c) If you are using ProComm, press [Esc] to exit the Receive
Parameters Mode.
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