14. Scheduled Actions
Scheduled Actions are generally used to retrieve data from the VIP
according to a user-defined time table. Typically, the VIP will contact
your PC at the scheduled time and day, and then automatically download
collected data.
In addition to its data collection function, the Scheduled Action feature
can also be used to perform other tasks, such as Wellness Checks, Contact
Switch operations, and etc. The VIP allows a great deal of flexibility in
configuration of the Scheduled Action feature. The unit can perform any of
the following actions according to the user-defined schedule:
Callout: The VIP will contact a remote PC via modem, and execute
a series of user-defined commands. Although these commands are
usually employed to download data, they can also report memory
conditions, alarm status, and etc.
Page: The VIP will dial an alphanumeric pager and send a user-
defined message. This allows the VIP to perform a wellness check, or
inform system managers that the unit is operating properly.
SNMP Trap: The VIP will send an SNMP Trap to a network manager.
This option can also be used to perform a wellness check, or notify
personnel that it is time to check the unit.
Console Port: The VIP will contact the device connected to its
Console Port in order to download data or report status.
Email/Text Message: The VIP will send a text message or email to
either or both user defined addresses.
Output Contact: (Optional - Not Available on NLJ-VIP units) The
NetLink-VIP will open or close the optional Output Contact switches.
Each of the two available schedules allow up to seven scheduled actions
per week. This provides a total of fourteen events per week. For more
information on these actions, please refer to Section 13.
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