PollCat NetLink-VIP & PollCat NLJ-VIP - User’s Guide
13.2.8. Email/Text Message
If this action is selected, the VIP will send an email or text message to up
to two user-defined addresses when an alarm is generated. Typically, the
email or text message includes a description of the type of alarm event that
occurred. When this alarm action is used, the VIP can also execute a user-
defined command string to report status or download data.
In order to use the Email Action, Network Port parameters must
be properly defined as described in Section 5.4.5, and Email
parameters must be configured as described in Section xx.
The Address entered in the "Mail To:" field will determine
whether an email or text message is sent when this type of action
is performed. If a cell address (e.g., 5551234@cellservice.com)
is entered in the "Mail To" field, a text message will be sent; if an
email address is entered in the "Mail To" field, an email will be
When the Email action is selected, the following item must be defined at the
configuration menu for the specified alarm.
Message: (Optional) Enter a message to describe the type of alarm
event that occurred; for example, "CHECK PBX."
Email To: Select both, none, or either of the two user-defined
addresses that will receive messages generated by the alarm.
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