PollCat NetLink-VIP & PollCat NLJ-VIP - User’s Guide
13.1. Alarm Actions for Alarm Filter Clues
The VIP allows the definition of up to sixteen Alarm Clues for each of the
two Alarm Filters. Each clue can be assigned its own individual Alarm
Action. For example, when one Alarm Clue is triggered, the unit may
perform a callout, when another Clue is triggered, the unit may perform an
Output Contact operation.
In addition, each clue can be assigned separate callout numbers or pager
numbers. When Alphanumeric Page is selected, up to three different Pager
ID Numbers can be assigned to each clue. This allows the VIP to direct
calls to a specific employee, depending on the nature of the alarm.
When Alarm Filters are configured, the VIP provides the option of defining
default Alarm Actions that can be applied to all newly defined clues. In
cases where an identical action will be applied to a series of clues, this
allows you to enter action parameters for all clues without manually
entering specifications for each clue. Note that these default parameters
are not applied to the PBX Inactivity Alarms, 80% Full Alarm, or Output
Contact Alarms.
13.2. Alarm Action Summary
13.2.1. None (No Alarm Action)
When this Alarm Action is selected, the VIP will not perform a special task
when an alarm is generated. Note however, that call records will still be
counted and flagged according to the clue matched. When data is released
to the polling device, call records can still be sorted by the Alarm
Clue matched.
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