12. The Input Contact Alarms
The Input Contact Alarms are used to monitor the optional Input Contacts.
When the High/Low status of the input signal changes, the VIP can send
an SNMP Trap, call a modem or pager, or contact the user via the Console
Port. In addition, this alarm can also automatically execute a user-defined
command string, or open/close the Output contacts.
Note: The Input Contact Alarm feature is optional on
NetLink-VIP units, and is not available on NLJ-VIP units.
12.1. The Optional I/O Monitor
When the optional I/O Monitor is present, the NetLink-VIP will include two
extra components on the instrument back panel; a bank of Input Contacts,
and a bank of Output Contacts.
The Input Contacts are designed for connection to an externally supplied
signal line. When a change in the high/low status is detected, the
NetLink-VIP can perform any of the standard Alarm Actions described in
Section 13.
The Output Contacts are used to switch a connected device On or Off.
Alarm Actions for the Alarm Filters, PBX Inactivity Alarm, 80% Full Alarm
and Input Contact Alarms all provide the option of switching the Output
Contacts. The general Alarm Configuration menu is used to select the idle
(non-alarm) state for the Output Contacts.
To select the Idle (Non-Alarm) state for the Output Contacts, proceed as
1. From the Main Menu, type 24 and press [Enter] to access the general
Alarm Configuration menu (Figure 12.1).
2. When the Alarm Configuration menu appears, type 7 and press
[Enter] to access the Output Contacts submenu.
3. From the Output Contacts submenu, the user may select the Idle/
Non-Alarm state for the Output Contacts. Each Output Contact can
be configured to be Opened or Closed under normal (non-alarm)
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