11. The 80% Full Alarm
The 80% Full Alarm is designed to notify the user when internal memory
becomes approximately 80% Full. The VIP can send an SNMP Trap, call
a modem or pager, or contact the user via the Console Port. This Alarm
can also execute a user-defined command string or open/close the optional
Output Contacts.
To configure the alarm, go to the Main Menu. Type 25 and press [Enter]
to access the Alarm Configuration menu. When the menu appears, type 5
and press [Enter]. The 80% Full Alarm Configuration Menu (Figure 11.1)
offers the following options:
1. 80% Full Alarm: Enables/disables the 80% Full Alarm. In order to
function, the alarm must be enabled.
2. Action: Determines how the VIP will react when an 80% Full Alarm
is generated. The options are None, Callout, Alphanumeric Page,
Numeric Page, SNMP Trap, Output Contact, Console action or Email/
Text Message. For more information, please refer to Section 13. Note
that the Output Contact feature is optional on NetLink-VIP units, and
is not available on NLJ-VIP units.
3. Phone Number: The number dialed for a callout or page.
Note: For Numeric Paging, this prompt can specify both a phone
number and numeric "message". In this case, the number is entered
as follows:
Where PHONENO is the pager number, and MESSAGENO is any
number that notifies the user that an alarm has occurred. For
example, to dial 555-1212 and send the message "999", item 3
would be defined as "5551212@999#".
4. Pager ID 1: The first Pager ID Number dialed for an Alphanumeric
Page action. The VIP can dial up to three pagers for this alarm.
5. Pager ID 2: The second Pager ID Number for the 80% Full Alarm.
6. Pager ID 3: The third Pager ID Number for the 80% Full Alarm.
7. SNMP Management: The network manager that will receive SNMP
Traps generated by this alarm. This item selects one, both or none
of the two available SNMP Managers. IP Addresses for these SNMP
Managers are defined via the Network Port Configuration Menu.
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