The Alarm Filters (Toll Fraud Detection)
9.6. Logical and Relational Operators
Variables and operators are combined to form match parameters. Variables
are the uppercase letters A through Z, as defined in the Alarm Filter Format.
Relational and logical operators are described below.
Operator Function
> Greater Than
< Less Than
>= Greater Than or Equal To
<= Less Than or Equal To
~ Not. Can also precede other comparison operators (e.g. ~<, Not
Less Than).
= Equal To
$ Contains String. Searches for specified string anywhere in a field
- (Dash) Wild Card Character
( ) (Parentheses) Used to Combine and Prioritize Operations
+ or | Logical OR Conditions
* or & Logical AND Conditions
9.6.1. Logical AND/OR Conditions
Logical AND/OR conditions are created by including the AND operators,
or the OR operators in the Match Parameter definition. Logical AND Conditions
The AND operators (* and &) link parameters in a manner where two or
more conditions must all be true in order for the call record to flagged
and counted.
Example: Assume the variable "A" represents the field for the number
dialed, and "B" represents the extension number. To define an Alarm Clue
that counts calls placed to 555-1111 from extension 013, match parameters
would be defined as follows:
A=5551111*B=013 or A=5551111&B=013
This Alarm Filter Clue would only count calls that are placed to 555-1111
AND placed from extension 013. Calls to 555-1111 from extension 086
would not be counted, and calls to 555-2222 from extension 013 would also
not be counted.
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