1. Introduction
The PollCat NetLink-VIP and PollCat NetLink Jr.-VIP (NLJ-VIP) Call
Accounting Terminals are highly reliable, PBX data recorders designed for
SMDR/CDR data collection and alarm monitoring. Collected call records
can be retrieved via TCP/IP network, via FTP client, via modem, or by a
local PC connected directly to the VIP unit.
In addition to storing call data, the VIP can also monitor call records for
suspicious phone activity or critical alarm conditions. When an alarm is
detected, the unit can immediately notify the proper personnel by pager,
modem, or SNMP trap. The VIP also provides secure access to connected
serial devices such as PBX maintenance ports or Console/AUX ports.
Network and Modem Access
All command functions, including data retrieval and unit configuration, can
be accessed via network, modem or local PC. When the VIP is installed in
a TCP/IP environment, Telnet is used to access the command mode. If out-
of-band access is required, you can also dial-up the VIP’s internal modem.
Stored data can be reliably retrieved using your terminal emulation
program, an FTP client or Zmodem protocol. Password protection and
dialback security prevent unauthorized access to control functions.
Nonvolatile Flash Memory
The VIP uses reliable, low-cost flash memory to store call records and
operating parameters. This eliminates the need to check and replace
depleted batteries. If power to the unit is lost or interrupted, stored data
can be retained indefinitely without worrying about low or dead batteries.
The VIP is available with 512 K to 64 Megabytes of internal memory. For
NetLink-VIP units only, if more memory is needed later, additional memory
modules can be easily snapped into place.
SNMP Traps
Alarm messages, memory full status, and a variety of other conditions can
be reported to your network manager via standard SNMP traps. SNMP
Traps can be used to provide notification when an alarm event occurs, or to
perform a wellness check at user selected time intervals.
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